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Best Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Sharjah


Exploring the Mind Unveiling the Depths of Psychology and Psychiatry

Welcome to Lifeline Clinic Rolla, where our dedicated experts in Psychiatry and Psychology nurture your mind and soul, placing your mental well-being at the forefront. Experience a transformative journey towards emotional balance at Lifeline Clinic, where compassionate care prioritizes your mental health. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to nurturing your mental health and emotional balance in a healing haven. We offer comprehensive services blending the expertise of seasoned psychiatrists and licensed psychologists to tailor approaches to unique individual needs. Discover a sanctuary where our team stands ready to guide you on a transformative journey to inner peace, partnering with you to reclaim joy, resilience, and peace of mind.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jasmine Mumtaz

Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr. Jasmine Mumtaz Jahanara, a highly experienced psychiatrist, is dedicated to offering comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and personalized treatment plans, drawing upon her extensive expertise in the field. She creates a supportive environment and fosters collaboration for enhanced well-being and has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Dr. Jasmine blends clinical expertise with ongoing professional development, serving as a trusted advocate for mental health guiding individuals on their journey to emotional resilience.

Best Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Sharjah
Best Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Sharjah

Ms. Shemeena Parakkal

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Shemeena Parakkal is a MOH, DHA, RCI certified clinical psychologist, brings over a decade of expertise in evidence-based psychotherapies. She is experienced in family and couple therapy, addressing communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships. She is an expert in Specific Learning Disability (SLD) assessment and remediation and is dedicated to addressing unique learning needs.

Best psychologist in Sharjah

Why us?

Lifeline Clinic’s Psychiatry Department is a pillar of expertise and empathy that offers tailored services addressing diverse mental health needs. Our experienced psychiatrists provide expert diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support for conditions like anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Our licensed psychologists specialize in evidence-based therapies, offering individual and group therapy, counselling for stress management, relationship issues, and coping strategies. Lifeline Clinic creates a safe space for exploring and enhancing mental health, fostering personal growth and resilience. Our Psychiatry and Psychology Departments synergize to provide holistic care tailored to your needs.

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Best Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Sharjah


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